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media art "Way to Yourself" about authors & contact

Full-cycle media studio
  Implementation of creative projects

Russian Call: +7 901 316 61 89
office in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 716 61 89

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Our history - Studio 618 "Golden Section" has existed since 2007

Our specialization - author's projects.

Our task - is to reveal the essence of vague desires and incarnate into something new that will manifest itself in this world.

  • creator, producer and director of creative projects,
  • laureate of international festivals and competitions,
  • author of a unique method of training film makers and music video makers,
  • teacher of video editing, sound engineering, photo design, website authoring,
  • head of the pilgrimage service of the Vazheozersky monastery,
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Consultant,
  • tour operator of professional photo and video tours in Fennoscandia,

    author's multimedia studio,
    professional experience 34 years,
    teaching experience 16 years
    creative ideas implementation
the whole spectrum of multimedia technologies

  • teacher, art therapist,
  • vocal and free flexible dance,
  • director-image maker of the modern modeling course,
  • artistic director of creative projects

    director - image maker
For the world not to seem gloomy and empty - manifest Yourself in this world

  • music producer and composer,
  • arranger of authors films,
  • own music studio,
  • professional experience 18 years

    Custom music
original compositions, arrangements, harmonization

  •     All aspects of English
    Speak nicely, understand properly, the rapid involvement in the conversation.
  •     The author's website.
    Interpretation and translation, accurate essence.
  •     Subtitles for films.
    Dubbing, voice track, a beautiful British accent.

    30 years of experience - universities of Russia, own author's training centre in Helsinki.

   All aspects of English
Dubbing, voice track, a beautiful British accent


media studio Studio 618 Golden Ratio, Julia D'Ark, Dmitrii Arkadyev, Alexander Panov, St. Petersburg

execution and deposition of copyright and related rights
© Studio 618 "Golden Ratio ", Dmitrii Arkadev

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