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"Way to Yourself" about studio contact

The most important thing is to
    help a person to put the correct aim.

Full-cycle media studio
  Implementation of creative projects

Our history - Studio 618 "Golden Section" has existed since 2007

Our specialization - author's projects.

Our task is to reveal the essence of vague desires and incarnate into something new that will manifest itself in this world.

Our difference - we do not do as we are able, but as it should be.

Our advantage - we will help you understand what is really needed and will prompt how it is optimally executed and implemented.

Our feature – people come to us with what they have and leave with what they need.

Our professionalism has reached the level where it is possible to offer a solution to your problems in your presence or in the process of individual learning.


    About us:

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Certificate. Our films
in Gosfilmfond
services, training


film festivals

and promotional items


We will make the world brighter!

    How to decide in life, believe and realize yourself, reveal your purpose, learn to hear intuition, get rid of doubts, stop doubting and find happiness.

    Producer and director, cameraman and photographer, video editing and sound engineering, photo design, computer graphics and information technology lecturer, expert on copyright.

    Producer’s consultation will help to assess what you already have, to identify strengths and weaknesses and to understand how to succeed, to identify the target audience, to hold the deposition of your intellectual property and to develop the optimal promotion policy.

    Only here, working with the professional, you will manage the process on your own. Your ideas are incarnated before your eyes and you can immediately assess and correct result. This greatly saves time and money, and often leads to new and surprising ideas, as much as possible implementing joint creativity.

    Only here, implementing the task of your own, you can learn to do it yourself at a professional level, gaining a new and interesting specialty. Nobody knows better than you what your movie, music video, website or even a business card should be like.

    30 years of professional experience, deep theoretical knowledge and 10 years of experience in individual training make his lessons as efficient as possible, allowing students themselves to lead the educational process and to satisfy all the needs in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

    The ability to combine knowledge of many specialists in one person opens up new possibilities and saves time and cost.

    creative ideas implementation
the whole spectrum of multimedia technologies

    director - image maker
For the world not to seem gloomy and empty - manifest Yourself in this world

    How to find yourself
You feel that you do not live your life –then come

    The first song was composed by Alexander at 15. He studied to play drums, keyboards and guitar himself. He participated in the group "Membrane" (2003-2004) and "Stereosignal" (2004-2015). In 2008 there came the film "Side Step" directed by Marina Migunova, which included the soundtracks of the group. He has recorded several solo albums. Composed movie soundtracks for the films "The country of volcanoes and ice," "The Magic Island" by Dmitry Arkadiev and Galina Lebedeva and the film "Path to Me" by Dmitry Arkadiev and Julia D’Ark. Created the duo "Hi-Tech" with a vocalist and poet Elena Tikhomirova in 2015.

    The record company MPG Records has announced a remix contest of British singer Chloe Rose - For Me, the winner of which has an opportunity to get into a maxi single being prepared for publication. Alexander recorded his version of the song and was late to send it to the company, he was out of competition. The label liked the track so much, that it was decided to include it in the track list. Rose is produced by the world famous Mike Stock, who was in the trio Stock Aitken Waterman, who wrote many hits for such artists as Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue, Mel & Kim ...

    Custom music
original compositions, arrangements, harmonization

  •     All aspects of English
    Speak nicely, understand properly, the rapid involvement in the conversation.
  •     The author's website.
    Interpretation and translation, accurate essence.
  •     Subtitles for films.
    Dubbing, voice track, a beautiful British accent.

    30 years of experience - universities of Russia, own author's training centre in Helsinki.

    Classes. Individual and small groups. Develop personality, train memory, enhance the student’s opportunities to the perception of a large amount of information, remove the barrier in communication.

   All aspects of English
Dubbing, voice track, a beautiful British accent


Julia D'Ark, Dmitrii Arkadyev, St. Petersburg. How to decide in life, believe and realize yourself, reveal your purpose, learn to hear intuition, get rid of doubts, stop doubting and find happiness.

execution and deposition of copyright and related rights
© Studio 618 "Golden Ratio ", Dmitrii Arkadev

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