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new media art "Way to Yourself"

studio project "Incarnation" how to find yourself

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Dmitrii Arkadev
    psychedelic music film "Way to Yourself"

Дмитрий Аркадьев

    «Way to Yourself» - It is a psychedelic film. It implements new visualization forms of emotions. It makes a different look at yourself and your surroundings.

    This film is a mirror. The key to yourself. In it each sees himself and in everyone it acts on its own, because each has his own essence. Now you will see the reflection of your essence, you will feel the state you are living with as if from the outside, and you will see another world.

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desolated - he will be filled,
                                mixed-up – he will see his way.


  • barriers of consciousness,
  • expansion of consciousness,
  • fate modeling

Psychedelia - a scalpel,
                                chiseling your nature.

studio project "Incarnation"


    Everyone is different, but the world in which we live, dictates its conditions. Imposed complexes give rise to uncertainty, do not let to reveal yourself and open the way forward.

    But the imposed does not become yours. You cannot adjust to the others. You cannot follow the tastes of others' emotions. You must come to yourself consciously and changes must come from within. How to shut down from the past? How to get into a rut and become what you want to be? The "Incarnation" helps to better know yourself and your capabilities.

    Devastated is not needed by anybody. Fill yourself and there will come what you dream of. Do not look for happiness in the crowd - there is none. I am helping to reveal the internal condition which you want to live with. I will help to change.

    You'll be able to understand what prevents you to live and to become the one your soul is aspiring to. You will see what to do to find and realize your dream. When the barriers of consciousness fall, you will be able to step into your world.

Julia D'Ark
    look inside – the way to yourself

        to listen to your intuition and stop doubting;
    to remove the shackles of the external world and to overcome the barriers of consciousness;
discover your destiny and to become the one your soul is aspiring to.

"Way to Yourself" - film is a treatment. The key to yourself.
    How to find yourself. Talking to your Angel

    It is a psychedelic film. It reveals the human inner conflict of Truth and Ideal. It is not about something specific, but about everything at once. Its plot cannot be told, cannot be understood immediately and fully to the end.

    For shallow-minded people this film may seem strange. People immersed in their vanity live without noticing that each has his own essence. But a man finds his life meaningful only to a certain time that changes everything. This edge is impossible to comprehend and impossible to explain.

    This film is a mirror. The key to yourself. In it each sees himself and in everyone it acts on its own, because each has his own essence. The emotional impact that this film gives, helps a deeply thinking person to expand his consciousness and understanding of its visual row leads over the edge of material reality, it helps to immerse you in the spirituality and change your world view.

    part 1 "Appeal"
"The reverse side of yourself."
When you are given what you are asking for can you receive genuinely?

    part 2 "D'Ark Angel"
" The Incarnation".
Occasionally in this world something comes that can change it. Your answer is to your question.

    part 3 "Sleep"
" Dream Angel ".
How are dreams born? Where do dreams come from? Those that bring answers. When does the Angel's dream change your world?

    part 4 "Eternal Serenity"
What is the soul? The incarnation of your essence, being reflected in the beauty of the universe.

    part 5 "The Journey"
Look inside. A journey to another place at another time.

    part 6 "Ambient"
"Invisible reality".

    part 7 "Shackle's Sky"
Who are you? Why are you here? Awareness will change the world around you. The remaining behind this facet will become irrelevant and the next day will open a new door. What's behind it - only depends on you.

    part 8 "Chapel"
Talking to your Angel.

    part 9 "Foreign Land"
Perhaps you are always looking for something that is always in yourself.

    part 10 "Way To Yourself"
And when everything seems unreal - it means that you can change it.

    part 11 "Crossroads"
Why does it seem that everything has already been?


If you come to me with a positive emotion - I encourage and supplement  

Otherwise - I reflect the essence of what is concealed, what cannot be coped with.


    There are times when you cannot find a connection with this life, you cannot understand your essence. You are looking for your way, but all the doors are closed. They are not yours. You are wearing other people's images, living an imposed fate.

    Uncertainty locks the Destiny. But when the Dream lifts you over your world it can be seen how much of it is unnecessary. And you want to shake off the unnecessary and fill your life with what is peculiar only to you, what will bring happiness.



Fear is an incurable human disease.
Only higher living beings can live without fear.
We often meet them on our way,
But not everyone can recognize.






Expansion of the consciousness beyond the usual boundaries of the Ego      
self-development of personality, fate modeling.

project "Incarnation"
psychedelic film "Way to Yourself"
How to find yourself? Talking to your Angel

You feel that you do not live your life –then come.

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